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Alberhill Art Pottery Marks

Alberhill, California

Location :


Pottery Production Years :

  1912 - 1914

Pottery Marks and Signatures :

mark picture coming soon



Company / Artist Description :

An experiment of art pottery created by Alexander Robertson, formerly with Halcyon Pottery.  He used clay and resources from the Aberhill Coal and Clay Company but failed to start a business retailing goods under a partnership.  Most works are very lightly colored or unglazed.  His work won a gold medal at the San Diego Exposition in 1915-1916.  Early pottery works were incised with A.C.C. Co. Cal., later pieces impressed "Alberhill".  Often times the artist initials A.W.R and date will be found on the bottoms.  Sometimes an anchor symbol will accompany, indicating the clay composition that was used to produce the item. Roughly two years worth of output.  Rare.

Help Identify Marks :

initials AWR marked alberhill coal and clay company ACC CO CAL anchor symbol dated 1912 1913 1914 alexander robertson embossed letters

Additional Info :

Other Cal Potteries .pdf  |  LA County Museum



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