Buying a Gas Kiln



Gas kilns come in the same basic configurations as the electric ones - side loading and top loading.  When choosing which style to go with, consider the ease of packing and rate of production you wish to achieve.  Front / side loaders are typically purchased for larger shops and are more expensive to buy and install.  Oil & Gas differ from electric kilns in that they enable the potter a greater variation of effect through reduction. (Introducing smoke in the firing atmosphere.)  If the reduction effects are a requirement for your pottery - oil, wood and gas kilns are your available options.


As far as reaching temperature, there are several different sources of fuel.  There are small gas kilns, fueled by propane, that are portable.  These are popular with beginners and studio potters alike due to the convenience of mobility and low costs.  Large kilns (manufacturer grade) are usually fueled by natural gas provided by municipal sources. (similar to what is provided for permanent grills)


Oil kilns are typically gravity fed with diesel or domestic heating oil.  A forced air supply introduces the fuel into a burner which can produce a long and intense flame.  Kiln temperatures can be increased very quickly if desired.  As with any live flame device, care should be taken so that the pottery doesn't come in direct contact with the flame.


Gas kilns are usually cheaper to operate than their electric cousins.  They can provide greater flexibility in pottery effects but are not as predictable and controllable as plug in modules.  Ventilation is an important consideration with these types of units as a build up of unfired gas could cause an explosion.  (not to mention the noxious fumes that may become present during use)  Maintenance such as checking for leaking pipes or joints is also required.


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Gas Kiln Firing: Practices for the Ceramics Professional, Potter or Sculptor, Vol. 2

Practices for the Ceramics Professional, Potter or Sculptor,Vol. 2

8 Kiln Startup Kit

8 Startup Kit

Shelf, posts, kiln wash, haik brush, protective glasses and hot gloves

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