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Skutt KM Series Kilnmaster Automatic Kilns

Skutt KM Series Kilnmaster Automatics

Amaco Excel Kiln with Select Fire

Amaco Excel Pottery Kiln with Select Fire


The most advanced kiln control system ever is now available built-in the Excel Kilns. You can set the kiln to fire by temperature or by cone number (automatically converts one to the other) at one of three pre-set firing programs - slow, medium, or fast. Many different models & prices to choose from.  Great for all kinds of ceramic or glass.  Mail in offer - Receive up to $275 in Amaco lead free glazes when you purchase any piece of qualifying equipment.

Paragon Dragon Front Loading Kiln

Paragon Dragon Front Loading Kiln


Paragon's Dragon Kiln is powerful and feature-packed! Its muscular 16.8 KW heat the interior to cone 10. Extra insulation saves energy and allows the kiln to cool slowly, giving glazes time for full development. An electronic controller is included, with a range of user-programmable firing options including programmed cool-down, perfect for glass and crystalline glazes.  Kiln is available in 208V and 240V models, in single phase or three phase.

Skutt Gm1018 Production Kiln

Skutt Gm1018 Production Kiln


Skutt's extremely versatile line of Production Series kilns allows for fusing on multiple layers. With Zone Control standard, the GM1018 fires each section independently to insure even firing from the top to bottom. With chamber depth of 18, this kiln is also great for large drop molds, annealing tall sculptural pieces and fusing on multiple levels. Similar to the GM818, this model has an even wider firing chamber, 23 1/2, ideal for volume firings or large pieces. The famed GlassMaster controller is standard on this unit.

Gts 2541-13 25 Floor Kiln With Rampmaster III

Gts 2541-13 25 Floor Kiln With Rampmaster III


Tons of room and superior performance, it's no contest this is the best kiln around. Perfect for artists who need space for volume firing or want to keep options open on piece size. This kiln is of course great for fusing, slumping and Pate de Verre, but it also provides excellent paint firings (very even). Features the built-in RampMaster III digital temperature controller (see image above), a curvy pattern heating element in the lid to discourage the element from drooping, and a large handle that's easy to grip.

Fuseworks Microwave Kiln

Fuseworks Microwave Kiln

Fuse glass & fire pottery right in your microwave. Beginners can get started quickly and easily. Create jewelry, bottle stoppers, drawer knobs and sculptural art. One of the most affordable kilns on the market. With Fuseworks you'll be making gorgeous wares and embellishments in no time. Now you can create custom kiln-fired art without having to invest in a large unit. Best of all, it works extremely fast. Lightweight and compact for easy portability and storage. Includes complete instructions.  Has been tested safe for use in a household microwave.


Copper Jr. Kiln With Set-pro

Copper Jr. Glass & Pottery Kiln With Set-pro

An excellent kiln for testing, teaching and beginners. The front loading design makes manipulation and raking easy. Includes infinite switch control and Set-Pro Controller and stand. Operates on 120V, 12 amps. 2-year manufacturer warranty. Inside dimensions 10 wide, 9 deep, 6 1/2 high. The Set-Pro 3-button control is simple and powerful. Set up to 8 firing segments per program. On-the-Fly features include adding time, temperature and skipping ahead.  Will store up to four programs. The Copper is a great annealer for beginners and small studios.

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