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Paul Revere Pottery (S.E.G)

Boston & Brighton, Massachusetts

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The Paul Revere Pottery Company came about from a club known as the Saturday Evening Girls (S.E.G.).  This was a group of young immigrant women that gathered on Sat. nights to share readings, do craft activities and enjoy one another's company.  The head organizer Mrs. James J. Starrow, in 1906, purchased a small kiln and enlisted a ceramicist to teach a few classes during their craft sessions.  In 1908 a full blown pottery manufacturing operation took flight.  Regular art pottery production was moved to the Library Club House at 18 Hull Street, Boston.  The potteries name and mark was directly related to the rich historical nature of the area. (The Old North Church where Paul Revere hung his signal lanterns was next door.)  The business was known locally as the "Bowl Shop" and grew in size over the next few years.  In 1915 the company was expanded and moved to Brighton.  Although the art pottery was popular and highly acclaimed for it execution it never became profitable during its existence.  The organization shuttered its doors in 1942.  Pottery marks of Paul Revere, after 1915, were an impressed or imprinted circle with a horseman in long tailed coat, pottery name, and Boston curved over his shoulder.  S.E.G and P.R.P marks are also known.  Prior to 1915 paper labels were affixed to their goods.  On occasion, decorators would sign their initials however, no records are available to identify them further.

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